A Look at the Blue Dolphin Casino

Located in southern Puerto Rico’s Guayanilla neighborhood, the Costa Bahia Hotel & Convention Center is home to the Blue Dolphin Casino. The hotel and casino are locally owned, and they’ve undergone significant renovations in recent years to attract more visitors to the island’s southern coast.

It’s in a peaceful section of Puerto Rico, yet it’s not far from the island’s major tourist destinations. Located in the northeastern part of the island, it is a fair distance from San Juan, the island’s capital. From San Juan, a trip to the casino will take you around two hours.

The casino is conveniently located near one of Puerto Rico’s two international airports (Mercedita International Airport), making it easily accessible from everywhere on the island. You can get flights to and from New York City and Orlando, Florida, from this airport.

You won’t have too much trouble getting to the hotel, even if you don’t hire a car at the airport. There are plenty of cabs and buses available, but no nearby train station. If you plan on driving, you’ll be happy to know that the hotel has ample free parking near the lobby.

You won’t be turned away at the door if you don’t show up in a suit and tie, since the dress code is relaxed. However, the Blue Dolphin is a high-end club, so guests may expect to see people dressed in business casual or better.

Blue Dolphin’s On-Site Casino

The Blue Dolphin casino features a large selection of electronic games, including slot machines, table games, and more. However, games like poker don’t have tournament tables. High rollers will be disappointed to learn that the Blue Dolphin Casino does not host any high limit games.

The casino is the first on the island to limit its operating days and hours (Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.). Only those over the age of 18 will be admitted. On some days, the casino strictly enforces a no-gambling policy and refuses entry to anybody under the age of 21. It’s also important to note that the US dollar is the accepted currency.

The Blue Dolphin Casino has an enormous plot of land, which also houses the island’s largest conference center (with more than 33,000 square feet of area). The casino’s construction in 2015 cost a total of $5.4 m USD and took up an area of 10,800 square feet.

The stage of the Blue Dolphin Casino is one of a kind. Live music and stand-up comedy are only two of the many entertainment they put on for visitors and gamblers.

Blue Dolphin Casino’s Table Games

The casino is home to seven gaming tables where patrons may try their luck at any number of available games. They provide a large variety of table games, including all of the most played ones from across the world.

At the Blue Dolphin, roulette is among the most exciting table games you can play. They use the American version of the roulette wheel, which has somewhat worse odds than the European version (because of the extra double zero).

Blackjack is also available at Blue Dolphin, however there is a limited number of tables for this popular game.

At the Blue Dolphin, poker is as popular as it is at any other casino. Most of the poker games are played against the dealer rather than other players because tournaments are not easily available, even though Texas Hold ’em is a widely played variant.

The casino takes great pleasure in its helpful personnel, and they will gladly explain the rules of a game to you if you are a total newbie, which is not something you will see very frequently at other casinos.

Blue Dolphin Casino Slots & Video Poker

The slot machines at the Blue Dolphin Casino are plenty. There are approximately 220 different slot machines to choose from, including both video reel and jackpot machines.

Video poker eliminates the need to sit at a physical table when playing a card game. Compared to standard poker, these games are more easier and more leisurely. If you’d rather play alone or with a small group of people, video poker machines may be right up your alley.

Blue Dolphin Casino Hotel and Accommodations

The Blue Dolphin Casino is located within the luxurious Costa Bahia Hotel and Convention Center. They share the same land, so you can drive right up to either one of them.

The hotel offers a wide range of accommodations, beginning at $125 per night. Costa Villa, a brand-new section of hotel suites that opened in 2017 and has been met with rave reviews from guests, was completed that year.

Older rooms may be a little “run-down,” but most guests find them to be adequate. There is still water damage in some of the rooms caused by Hurricane Maria, which slammed Puerto Rico a few years ago.

Although customers are encouraged to make reservations beginning at 3 p.m., those who arrive earlier may still be accommodated based on the flexibility of the personnel.

Blue Dolphin Casino Eateries

The hotel has a variety of dining options. In fact, there are two: the formal Amapola Restaurant beside the pool and the more relaxed Guajana Restaurant by the conference center. Both look like good bets; you won’t be disappointed with the price or quality of your dinner at either.

In addition, there are two bars to choose from. The Dolphin Bar is conveniently placed next to the casino and can serve you drinks at all hours while you play, while the La Marina Bar is perfect for business or pleasure and has a tapas cuisine and live music on the weekends.

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